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What We Learned From Tesla's Cybertruck Delivery Event

We learned a lot including price, range and trim levels - and an extender offering up to 470 miles of range.

After 4 years the first Tesla Cybertrucks have now been delivered, and in Tesla's live stream event we learned a bunch of new details about the specs of Tesla's pickup truck.

We learned there will be 3 cybertruck models:

Single Motor, RWD

The Single Motor RWD Cybertruck is the least expensive model, and not available until 2025. With a $60,990 starting price and 250 miles of range, that places the Cybertruck above the Ford F-150 Lightning's $54,995 starting price (with 240 miles of range). The single motor variant will run to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and have a lower towing capacity at 7,500 lbs.

Dual Motor, AWD

The Dual Motor variant will be offered in 2024 starting at $79,990, with 340 miles of range and a 4.1s 0-60 time. This version has 600 hp and a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. Curiously, the Tesla website says this model can achieve 470+ miles with "range extender" but have offered no clarification as to what "range extender" means.


The ultimate Cybertruck will be the Cyberbeast, starting at $99,990 with 320 miles of range and a blistering 2.6s 0-60 time. The model features 845 hp, 10,296 lb-ft of torque and a 130 mph top speed. The Cyberbeast is also listed with a presumably optional range extender offering 440+ miles.

Range Extender

Tesla is offering a range extender battery pack that mounts in the bed of the truck, which will extend the Cybertruck's total range to 470 miles for the dual motor model and 440 miles for the "Cyberbeast". Pricing is not yet officially announced for this accessory, but internet sleuths have uncovered "$16,000" in the source code of Tesla's website, suggesting this may be the price Tesla will announce. More to come on this.

Additional details

We've learned that the Cybertruck has a 6'x4' bed, and a 2,500 lb payload capacity in addition to its 7,500 - 11,000 lb tow rating. The truck will have a self-leveling air suspension, with 17" of ground clearance on its highest setting (called "Extract Mode") and 35" tires. It'll feature locking differentials, rear torque vectoring and 4-wheel steering (which gives is a turning circle smaller than a Model S).

The Cybertruck features a controversial "yoke" style steering wheel, but variable steer-by-wire means this yoke will adjust to vehicle speed, meaning small movements of the wheel at low speed will turn the wheels more than small movements of the wheel at high speed.

The truck is the first Tesla to feature 48V architecture, charging at 250 kW. It will be the first Tesla model to offer bi-directional charging, which Tesla calls "Powershare".

While some of these specifications are well short of the targets announced 4 years ago (500 miles of range, 14,000 lb towing capacity and a starting price under $40,000), the Cybertruck still seems reasonably positioned against truck Rivals. For now, the Rivian R1T can be had for $6,990 less than the Cybertruck, but Cybertruck's forthcoming RWD model will be cheaper by over $12,000. The F-150 lightning is still the least expensive EV truck on the market at $54,995.

More details to come in the coming days, and we're sure some of these new owners will start spilling the beans about their experience being the first to live with these trucks.


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