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Here's The Most Important Thing To Know About EVs:

Not every EV will fit your life!
With EVs, there are extra considerations to make before spending tens of thousands of dollars on a vehicle. Real-world range, charging compatibility, charging speed -- these things and more make the difference between a car that you love and a car that's disruptive to your lifestyle and habits.

We're here to help. 

We've identified over 30 key questions you should ask before choosing your EV. The answers to these questions are not always simple, so we're here to walk you through it with the goal of finding you the best possible fit.

When you schedule time with us, you're talking to members of our in-house expert staff - not an anonymous call center overseas. We're familiar with every EV on-sale in North America, and ready to help you choose one that's right for you. We're NOT here to tell you which EV to buy, we're here to help you understand how an EV must fit your life so you can make the most informed decision and spend your money wisely.

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Concierge Benefits

Save time, skip the endless research

At best, EV info on the web is overwhelming. Schedule an EV.Guide's Concierge Session and skip the hours upon hours of research.

Save money, avoid a costly mistake

Finding out the car that you bought doesn't fit your life could be a mistake worth thousands of dollars. Our sessions help you buy the right car the first time.

Choose your car and buy with confidence

Understanding what you need out of an EV will help you navigate the buying process with confidence.

How It Works

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What People Say About Us

A few happy customers, who were matched with the right car.
“I'm not a car person. I wanted to get an electric car but had no idea where to start. Mike walked me through everything! He was patient and super knowledgable. I love my Jeep 4xe."
woman avatar
Sonya R.
Cambridge, MA
"It was so helpful to have someone who knew what they were talking about. I knew what car I wanted, but after talking to Mike about how range works I decided to go for the bigger battery and I'm so glad I did. Just having someone available to answer questions through the whole process was very helpful."
man avatar
Matt A.
Concord, NH
"I called to figure out if owning an EV was even possible without being able to charge at home. Mike helped me look up the chargers in my area and found a few nearby but ultimately not super convenient. In the end I decided to buy a hybrid instead. Calling saved me from making the wrong choice, which would have been very expensive.
man avatar
Roger M.
Watertown, MA
"Who has time to research this stuff?  Frankly, I don't care. I just need a car and that's it. In 30 minutes, Mike explained what's important and recommended a car that I really like. It was easy and worth it."
woman avatar
Josh S.
New York, NY
"I went to a few different dealers to check out EVs but they were all telling me different things. I called because I just needed answers from someone who knows what they're talking about. Mike cleared everything up. He introduced me to a different dealer who had the same car, but who actually knew their stuff."
woman avatar
Melissa S.
Atlanta, GA
I knew which car I wanted. I had no idea how the tax incentives worked or how to have a home charger installed. Mike walked me through all of it and taught me a few things about charging that I genuinely didn't know".
man avatar
Dan G.
San Diego, CA

We understand that you have questions!

We have the answers that you need.
What is the difference between a BEV, PHEV, HEV and MHEV? What is a "range extended" BEV? What is a "Series Hybrid"? Do I need to charge a plug-in hybrid every day? Can I fast charge a plug-in hybrid? Is a plug-in hybrid more efficient if I can't plug it in? How much range does a plug-in hybrid have? What is an EVSE? Can I install a fast charger at home? What is one-pedal drive? Do all EVs offer one-pedal drive? Can I turn on-pedal drive off if I don't like it? Is one-pedal drive more efficient? Is it more efficient to turn regenerative braking on or off? Do I need to use regenerative braking? Do all EVs have regenerative braking? Can I adjust the amount of regenerative braking that I use? Does regenerative braking wear down my brakes? What are the 5 levels of autonomy? Can these cars really drive themselves? How much is the federal tax credit? Why do some cars qualify for more of a tax credit? How is the tax credit determined? Are there limits on the tax credit? Can I collect more than one federal tax credit per year? If I collect the federal tax credit, do I need to keep my car for a certain amount of time? Do states offer incentives? Can I claim the federal tax credit if I lease my car? How fast does an EV charge? What is "Level 2" charging? What is DC Fast charging? Can a car use both level 2 charging and DC Fast charging? Are all cars compatible with all charging plugs? What happens if there are no compatible charging plugs near me? How do I find plugs near me? How do I know they're compatible? Can I use an adapter if my car isn't compatible with a plug? Do different plugs charge at different speeds? How do I know how fast a certain charger charges? How do I anticipate my charging time? Why do car advertisements only tell me how fast they charge to 80%? Do all cars charge at the same speed on the same charging station? How much do charging stations cost? What happens if I arrive at a charging station and it's being used? Can I unplug someone else's car if it's done charging? Are EV chargers safe to use in the rain? What if a charger is broken? How do I find compatible charging stations along my route when I drive? What is CHAdeMO? What is NACS? What is J-1772? What is SAE CCS? What is the difference between CCS1 and CCS2? Can I use one of Tesla's charging stations if I don't have a Tesla? Why is my car not charging as fast as it should? Does fast charging hurt the battery? Should I charge to 100% every time? What happens if my battery dies before I reach a charging station? What is a charging network? How do I sign up for a charging network? How much does membership to a charging network cost? If I'm a member of a charging network, can I charge any car? What if I need to use a charging station but I'm not a member? Can I pay for charging at the charging station? How much does it cost to install a charging station at home? What if I live in an apartment or condo? What if I park on the street, where do I charge? Should I buy an EV if I can't charge every day? How do I calculate my home charging cost? Is it true that EVs lose range in cold weather? How much range do EVs lose in cold weather? Do EVs lose range in hot weather? What is preconditioning? Is preconditioning my car more efficient? Should I precondition my car if it's not plugged in? How do I know how much EV range I have if it changes? What does kWh mean? How do I know what size battery to buy? Should I spend more for a bigger battery? Do different size batteries take longer to charge? Do bigger batteries cost more to charge? What is wh/mi? What is MPGe? Is MPGe the same thing as MPG? How do I compare the efficiency of a hybrid to an electric car? Why does my car lose range when it's parked? Can I leave my car for long periods of time without plugging in? Do EV batteries lose their range over time? Will I need to replace my EVs battery someday? How much does an EV battery cost to replace? Are EV batteries under warranty? How much maintenance does an EV need? Is maintenance more expensive on an EV? Is maintenance more expensive on a plug-in hybrid? If I'm buying a used EV, how do I know that it's a good one? What should I look out for when buying a used EV? Can I collect a tax credit on a used EV? How well do EVs hold their value? Should I be worried about the resale value of an EV? What is "Trip Planning"? What is an "over the air update"? How do I take care of my EV battery? Can I use my EV battery to power my house? What happens if the power goes out? Can I charge an EV from another EV? Can I charge an EV by towing it? Can I use my EV to tow things? What is "V2L"? How do I know which EV is right for me? And so many more questions!
An electric car surrounded by icons that explain features

Do you really need our help?

That depends. Could you explain these topics to a friend?
‍One Pedal Drive
Regenerative Braking
EV Incentives
Charging Speed
Plug Compatibility
Charging Networks
Home Charging
Calculating Charging Cost
Charging Etiquette
Finding Charging Stations
An electric car surrounded by icons that explain features
Calculating EV Range
Battery Capacity
wh/mi & MPGe
Battery Degradation
‍Vampire Drain
Used EVs
EV Maintenance
EV Apps
Trip Planning
Battery Care
V2L (Vehicle-To-Load)

Schedule Your Session

Concierge Support
Approx. 60 minute call, your choice of video or phone call.
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Perfect for those who:
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Have a car in mind but want to make sure it's right for them

What to expect:

First 20 minutes:
We'll spend the first 20 minutes answering your EV questions and covering the most essential EV topics you should be aware of before making your electric vehicle choice. EV basics, charging, incentives, ownership experience and more.
Next 20 minutes:
It's our turn to ask the questions! We'll assess your unique vehicle needs by asking you a list questions designed to narrow-in on an EV that's right for you.
Final 20 minutes:
Based on what you've told us about you, we'll recommend EVs we think are worth your consideration - and more importantly we'll tell you why. We'll review the most important EV considerations for you based on your lifestyle, and if desired we'll find certified-knowledgable sales people in your area.

Do you have questions?

If you'd like to ask questions or learn more about Concierge before booking a session, please send a message. We'll be in touch ASAP.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if there aren't any cars that fit my life?

It happens! EVs are not for everyone yet and we promise to be upfront about that if no EV fits your life well. If we determine that an EV doesn't fit your life, we'll be happy to recommend hybrids or gasoline vehicles based on your needs.

What if you're not able to answer my question(s)?

Some questions are harder to answer than others! If we don't have an answer for you on the call, we'll make a best attempt to go find that answer and will follow up with you via email.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my call?

We understand that plans change. We allow you to cancel your call any time prior to its start time. To reschedule, simply book another call after cancellation. After your call's start time, refunds are no longer available. We will make 3 attempts over 15 minutes to reach you at the contact information that you provide to us when you book your call. If we're unable to reach you in those 15 minutes, we consider this a no-show and no refund will be available.

Can you help me negotiate with the dealer?

Unfortunately, we're not able to do that. EV.Guide is not a broker. We will gladly introduce you to a dealer near you, and verify that you're speaking with a sales person who is knowledgable in electric vehicles. If we're not satisfied with a sales person's knowledge during our verification process, we may recommend a different dealer a little further away. Once you've been introduced, we're not able to offer support with that dealer until after the sale is complete!

Do you guarantee that I'll love my car?

Unfortunately, no. We're here to listen to your needs, clarify information, inform you about things you may not know about, and make recommendations. Our goal is to help you understand why a certain car may or may not fit your life, so that you can make more informed decisions. Ultimately though, those decisions are yours and we're not liable for the outcome.

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