EV.Guide is on a mission to make sure first-time EV buyers choose a vehicle that fits their life. That means connecting them with knowledgeable sales people who can ensure they know what they're buying, and how it will work for them. We understand that EVs are a whole new language, not just for buyers but also for industry sales professionals as well.

That’s why we’ve created Certified Pro. A special electrification curriculum designed for sales professionals at new and used car dealerships, fleet managers, rental car associates, and more.

Our tools can help you move your inventory faster by finding the right buyers, better understanding the vehicles on your lot, and/or improve after-sale outcomes by better matching the right vehicles with the right buyers.
  • Get inbound leads, from interested buyers in their moment of interest
  • Expanded tools for vehicle search, sort and filter, including new and used vehicles
  • Exclusive up-to-date training resources available as technology rapidly changes
  • Live support for the hardest-to-answer questions
  • Access to Certified Pro gear, so your customers know they can trust they're getting info from an expert
Certified Pro inspires customer trust, as a 3rd party validation that your team is qualified to match customers with the right car.

Certified Pro is coming in 2023.

Sign up now to stay informed on when you or your team can be one of the first Certified Pros in your area.

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