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VW Unveils All-New ID.7 Sedan

The ID.7 is a large sedan with a seriously large "potential" range estimate of 435 miles!

VW today unveiled the latest model in their ID lineup of all-electric vehicles, a range-topping "upper mid-size" sedan with seriously impressive range.

While the EPA hasn't rated this one yet, VW is estimating a potential of 435 miles, making this one of the longest-range EVs on the market.

Like some of its big-sedan rivals, this ID.7 offers a lift-back tailgate and a long list of premium features, like heated/cooled and massaging seats, panoramic sunroof with smart glass opacity, and an all-new revamped infotainment operating system.

Pricing hasn't been announced on the ID.7, but we suspect that when it is this car will be a relative value over the other long-range sedans in the market. Stay tuned...

Our take:

The reports of the death of the sedan have been greatly exaggerated. As some automakers abandon their sedan lineups, VW reminds us that these slippery shapes can come with big benefits. While there's still a lot to learn about the ID.7, we like what we see and expect this model to be a compelling option.


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