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Volvo & Polestar Both Commit to Tesla NACS Charging Standard

The sister brands will gain access to 12,000 Tesla Superchargers starting next year

Volvo and Polestar have both announced that they are joining Tesla's NACS charging standard, giving all new and existing DC Fast-enabled vehicles from both brands access to 12,000 Tesla Supercharger locations. Existing Volvo and Polestar vehicles will be able to access the network using an adapter, beginning in mid-2024. Starting in 2025, Volvo & Polestar will incorporate the NACS connector into new vehicles.

Keep in mind, Volvo offers several plug-in hybrid models that do not offer DC Fast charging. While these models will be able to use Tesla Destination Chargers, they will not gain access to Superchargers.

No word yet on what the adapters will cost, but we'll keep you updated.

This announcement follows Ford, GM and Rivian in announcing a switch from the CCS standard to Tesla's NACS port, a tectonic shift in momentum in the race for a dominant charging standard in North America. It's notable that Volvo and Polestar are the first foreign automakers to adopt the standard since American brands Ford, GM and Rivian all committed in recent weeks.


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