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Toyota and Lexus Tease New EV Concepts, Announce Adoption Of Tesla's NACS Connector

UPDATE Oct. 22: Even more concepts unveiled ahead of Japan Mobility Show, including an electric Land Cruiser

Toyota and Lexus are gearing up for the Japan Mobility Show next week, and have made several announcements about their future EV plans.

The first is that both brands will adopt Tesla's NACS connector, giving Toyota and Lexus vehicles access to over 12,000 Tesla Supercharger stations starting in 2025. Toyota vehicles using the existing CCS charge port will be able to use an adapter, also starting in 2025.

Toyota has also teased 3 new EV concepts; a crossover-like vehicle called the FT-Se, a high performance GR-branded sports car called the FT-3e, and a boxy utility van called the "KAYOIBAKO", referring to "configurable shipping containers for safely and efficiently transporting parts and products between facilities." This unique concept is meant for all sorts of utility, from delivery to accessible mobility and more.

Update Oct. 22: Toyota has also unveiled two additional concepts, and all-electric Land Cruiser Se and an all-electric mid-size pickup called the EPU.


Lexus has also teased at least two mystery vehicles, promising to preview their next-generation EV vehicles as they work toward the goal of being an all-EV brand by 2035.

Lexus EV concept
Land Cruiser Se

While details are extremely slim on all of these concepts, we expect much to be revealed as the Japan Mobility Show kicks off. Stay tuned for special coverage.


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