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Think Warm Thoughts: Current & Future EV Convertibles

Here's a list of every drop top available now, or announced officially for North America

We see this question asked a lot: what EV convertibles are available? Let's take a look at open-top cars you can buy now, as well as the stuff manufacturers have announced for the near(ish) future.

Tesla Roadster

Available now (used)

The Tesla Roadster was the original. Launched in 2008 and loosely based on a Lotus Elise chassis, the Tesla adopted the Elise's soft top form factor. Only 2,450 of these cars were made, and we know of at least one very high mileage example currently in a Mars orbit.

BMW i8

Available now (used)

The first plug-in hybrid on our list, the BMW was recently (and perhaps controversially) named Top Gear's "Best Car of the Last 30 Years". That's astronomical praise. These are cars that feature fascinating engineering and material science choices, and 9 years after release they still look incredible on the road. Used BMW i8's can be found for as low as $50,000. Just watch your head getting in, as the guys at Throttle House demonstrate nicely.

Jeep Wrangler 4XE

Available Now

The Jeep Wrangler is America's best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle, offering 21 miles of EV range while being a convertible through-and-through. In fact, Jeep offers 3 different ways to drop the top. You can opt for the classic soft-top configuration, a hard-top with removable "sunrider" panels over the front seats, or a fully motorized power top that retracts at the push of a button (along with removable side window panels). Add to the fact that you can remove the doors as well, and no other car offers as much open-air freedom as the Jeep.

Explore the Jeep Wrangler 4XE

GMC Hummer EV

Available Now

Like the Jeep, the Hummer is a convertible 4X4 with removable hard top roof panels. Unlike the Jeep, this hummer is fully electric. In true Hummer fashion, this truck is excessive. It has 1,000 hp on tap, and weighs over 9,000 lbs. It has the biggest battery of any passenger car, a massive 200 kWh pack that helps it achieve 329 miles despite its heft. It'll also crab walk, just to hammer home the beach vibes.

Explore the GMC Hummer EV

Ferrari 296 GTS

Available Now

OK, maybe this list is getting pricy. Can't blame us for being thorough though, right? In the spirit of that, here's a pair of thoroughbreds. The 296 GTS is technically an EV, with a plug and a whopping 8 miles of estimated EV range before it switches over to its 818 hp 120º V6 engine. It'll cost you $367,189.

Explore the Ferrari 296 GTS

Ferrari SF90 Spider

Available Now

If you're not sticker-shocked by the 296 GTS, may we offer the $575,475 SF90 Spider. With twice as much EV range (16 miles), this plug-in hybrid backs-up its battery power with (gulp) 1,000 hp from its twin-turbo V8. We know what you're thinking; "Hey that's the same amount of horsepower as the Hummer EV." (That's what you were thinking right?) You'd be correct in thinking it too, except this Ferrari weighs less than half of the Hummer and 1,000 horsepower in this might feel more akin to opening the gates of hell. Proper way to exercise your demons, this. Half a million (and change) and it's yours! 

Explore the Ferrari SF90 Spider

Fiat 500e

Available 2024

If you have Italian tastes but a more modest budget, allow us to introduce the 500e. While we're measuring things against the Hummer, the battery in this little 500 is less than 1/8 the size of the battery in the Hummer at just 24 kWh. This little urban sprout makes good use of it, too, achieving an estimated 200 miles. The Fiat 500e is available in Europe now, but we expect those range numbers will adjust a bit when it arrives in the North American market in 2024.

Explore the Fiat 500e

Jeep Recon

Available 2025 (estimated)

Electrifying the Jeep Wrangler isn't easy. The Wrangler is a body-on-frame "truck" in the old school tradition, and there just isn't much room in that form factor to stuff enough batteries for usable range...yet. So what if you want a Wrangler that's fully electric? Well, Jeep is going to offer you the Recon. Like the Wrangler, this Recon will feature removable roof and windows panels, as well as removable doors. Unlike the Wrangler, it was designed from the ground-up to be fully electric. Details are still slim on this one, we still haven't seen production-intent units yet. The original forecast said available in 2024, possibly as a 2025 model.

AI rendering of Porsche Boxster EV (not actual vehicle)

Porsche Boxster

Available 2025 (estimated)

The Porsche Boxster is an icon. Granted, it's a more recent icon than the legend that is the Porsche 911, but in modern times the Boxster has been arguably the better driver's car - smaller than the ever-growing 911, lighter in base trims, and featuring a mid-engine layout that's a bit more balanced than the rear-engined big brother. Electrifying the Boxster is no small feat. Porsche owners balked when the 718 Boxster replaced the perennial 6 cylinder engine with a 4-banger. Porsche actually backtracked, and began offering the 6 cylinder again in higher trims. Then they started releasing bonkers version like the Spyder RS, the most exciting variation of the car ever. Now the Boxster will have an electric version... but will it be as electrifying to Porsche fans? We have our hopes...

Fisker Ronin

Available 2025 (estimated)

The Fisker Ronin, with its name inspired by the car chase scene in the movie by the same title, is. 4-door hard top convertible *starting* at an eye-watering $385,000. Fisker only plans to make 999 of them, and if you've got the cash to be one of those thousand you'll be treated to 1,000 horsepower, a 0-60 time of 2 seconds flat, and an estimated driving range of 600 miles.

Tesla Roadster 2.0

Available 2025 (estimated)

Tesla surprised with the unveil of their Roadster 2.0 in a splashy "one more thing" style moment way back in 2017. With shocking specs of 600 miles of range and a 0-60 time under 2 seconds, it seemed Tesla was throwing down the gauntlet to the rest of the car world. They told us to expect the car by 2020, but here we are wrapping up 2023 and we still haven't seen any movement on production vehicles. It seems Tesla has their hands full building the world's best-selling vehicle, the Model Y, plus ramping up Cyber and Semi trucks. So how about those people who put $50,000 down 6 whole years ago? Well Tesla says 2025, but forgive us if we remain skeptical.

Explore the Tesla Roadster 2.0

Polestar 6

Available 2026

The Polestar 6 is a gorgeous 2+2 hard-top convertible scheduled for release in 2026. Featuring 884 horsepower and over 300 miles of range, this car shows it's more than just ridiculously good looking. Polestar has delivered the rest of their lineup as promised, so we have high hopes on this model arriving on time and as-promised. Pre-orders are available now.

Honorable mention:

Fisker Ocean

Available now

We admit, the top doesn't drop in the Fisker Ocean, but hear us out. This svelte SUV offers something called "California Mode", which opens its large panoramic sunroof, and lowers ALL windows including the rear-most side windows and tailgate glass. The result is a VERY open air feeling, similar to what you might get in a Jeep Wrangler. The Ocean is quite a compelling package for the price, starting under $40,000 for a version with 250-miles of range, and offering up to 360 miles in higher trims.

Explore the Fisker Ocean One

There's certainly more to come, but nothing else that's official for North America. It's worth noting that there are other options for other markets, such as the MG Cyberster and Mini Cooper SE Convertible, but none of these cars have officially announced plans to reach out shores. If they do, we'll keep you posted.


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