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Tesla Offers Less Expensive Rear-Wheel-Drive Model Y

New entry-level model offers 260 miles of range for just $43,990 before tax credits and incentives

Tesla today has announced a new variant of their popular Model Y, for an aggressive price of $43,990 before any tax credits or incentives. If you're eligible for the full $7,500 clean vehicle credit, this new entry Model Y can be had for just $36,490 (not including potential state or power utility incentives).

This less expensive Model Y offers rear-wheel drive, 260 miles of range, and a 6.6s 0-60. That's not quick by Tesla standards, but it's plenty of oomph for most people. One thing to note: this cheaper Y does come with a slower peak charge rate, topping out at 170 kW. That means stops at the Supercharger will take a few minutes longer, but if you're willing to trade the occasional few minutes for a savings worth several thousand dollars, this might be your ride.

The RWD Model Y is available now on Tesla's website, with an estimated delivery window of October-November 2023 at time of writing. It's not clear if this less expensive Model Y will be a limited offering, we've certainly seen Tesla offer lower-spec models at deep discounts only to remove the model weeks or months later. If you're interested in this Model Y, we'd suggest keeping that in mind!


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