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Tesla Model 3 "Highland" Refresh Now Available In North America

The refreshed Model 3 is now available for order

The Tesla Model 3 has been refreshed for 2024, and the newly improved model is now available to order on Tesla's website in both RWD and Dual Motor AWD fllavors (no sign of a Performance model yet).

The new model, internally named "Highland", features a number of improvements over the outgoing version. Tesla has addressed a few key customer critiques, and the result makes one of the best EVs on the market even better.

First up is the exterior, where Tesla has given the Model 3 a fresh look with a new front fascia and more streamlined taillights. These changes are more than just cosmetic, they make the Model 3 more slippery, improving efficiency with a lower aerodynamic drag coefficient. Eagle eyes will notice the fog lights have been removed, and a new set of wheels and colors are available.

Inside, the story gets more dramatic. This Model 3 has an all-new interior with updated materials, color-changing ambient lighting, a new steering wheel, and a refreshed center screen. The seats are now ventilated, the glass is acoustic (helping reduce wind and road noise considerably) and rear seat passengers now have their own screen to control climate and entertainment. In a somewhat controversial move, Tesla has removed the stalks behind the steering wheel for blinkers and drive selection. The blinkers are now buttons located on the steering wheel, and the drive selection (Drive, reverse, etc) is now a swipe action on the central touch screen (there are back-up buttons up above the rear-view mirror).

Another major change is a rework of the suspension, wheel hubs and brakes to give this Highland a more compliant ride with significantly less noise and vibration. Tesla has also made an engineering effort to improve the fitment of components inside and out.

So this Highland refresh directly targets some of the biggest complaints about the Model 3 - ride quality, road noise, interior materials and exterior fitment. This new version feels like a more premium, solid car. You get all of this for the same price, as well. The Model 3 retains it's recently-lowered pricing to start at just $38,990 for the RWD version with 272 miles of range.


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