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Our 10 Most Anticipated New EV Models Of 2024

Here are the 10 new vehicles we're most excited to get our hands on in the year ahead.

1. Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 takes a winning recipe and turns it up to 11. We already love the Ioniq 5, but this N performance version is sharper and more driver-focused, thanks to enhancements to the chassis, steering, brakes, suspension, battery, wheels, tires, axles, motors, radiators, aero and software. Mostly though, what we love about this Ioniq 5 N is that it's thinking about what fun means in the EV era. This car is packed with ideas like launch control, boost modes, performance-oriented regenerative braking, a left-foot braking mode, synthetic engine noises, simulated gear shifts, drift assistance and more. We're not sure these are all GOOD ideas (we think the simulated engine noise and shifting is a little silly) but they are all trying to hard-wire the driver to the emotion of the car and so we applaud and respect the effort. This might be the most fun-foward EV on the market right now.

Explore the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

2. Volvo EX30

With handsome Scandinavian styling, premium materials, a low entry price and some really fresh color choices, the EX30 seems poised for popularity. Volvo calls the EX30 and SUV but at just 166.7" long, it's actually shorter than a Chevy Bolt EUV. Starting at just $34,950, and offering up to 275 miles of range, this EX30 is going to be right-sized and right-priced for a lot of people, especially with the aforementioned Chevy Bolt taking the year off.

Explore the Volvo EX30 Extended Range

3. Lotus Emeya

The Lotus Emeya (pronounced ah-may-ah) should arrive in late 2024 and bring with it a serious bid to go toe-to-toe with the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S for king of the EV super sedans. This Emeya features 905 hp, one of the most exquisite interiors of any car at any price point, is dripping with advanced technology, and boasts one of the fastest charging speeds on the market. It's all part of Lotus' effort to play on a much bigger stage than their low-volume hand-built sports car past, and this Emeya and it's SUV big brother the Eletre seem like a very strong start.

Explore the Lotus Emeya R

Dr. Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board, Research and Development, at Porsche AG, in front of two camouflaged prototypes of the all-electric Macan. Courtesy: Porsche

4. Porsche Macan EV

Porsche has proven they can make a lustworthy EV - the Taycan set a Nurburgring EV lap record just this week and if you ask us, the Taycan GTS Sport Turismo is one of the most beautiful vehicles onsale today. The Taycan though is aging, the platform now going on 5 years old which is ancient in tech terms. This Macan EV will be Porsche's second BEV effort and will represent a whole new generation of EV from Stuttgart. While it hasn't been officially debuted, we've seen test vehicles like those in the image above wearing barely-there camouflage confirming that, at a minimum, this Macan will be handsome. Specs and details will have to wait, though. We trust Porsche to get it right.

5. Kia EV9

Waking up from a 5 year coma? Let us fill you in. Kia makes some of the best EVs on the market. Yep! That Kia. Welcome to 2024, and the introduction of their 3-row 7-seater family SUV the EV9. If the EV6 is any indication (and it absolutely is) this EV should get the fundamentals right: performance, fast charging speed, (relative) efficiency, comfort and styling that surprises the neighbors. The EV9 starts at just $54,900 and will creep up to $59,900 for the long range version with 300-miles. For families on the go, we think this one will be a winner.

Explore the Kia EV9 Light Long Range

6. Tesla Model 3 "Highland"

The Model 3 began deliveries in 2017, and was the EV sales king until it was dethroned by it's sibling, the Model Y. Over the past 6 years, the Model 3 has received small incremental updates but nothing like this new refreshed model internally named "Highland". With Highland, Tesla has set out to fix a few of the common complaints with Model 3, namely interior quality and road noise. This Highland features a revamped interior with improved build quality, sound insulation and ambient lighting. It also refreshes the exterior with an updated front fascia and better integrated taillight signature. The exterior changes make the Model 3 even more slippery through the air, improving efficiency. True to Tesla, there is at least one change that may prove controversial: wiper and drive stalks behind the steering wheel have been removed, moving blinkers to the steering wheel as buttons and using the screen to select drive. All in all, this Highland refresh makes one of the best EVs on the market even better - and now less expensive than ever.

7. Polestar 4

Polestar calls the Polestar 4 an "SUV coupe", which is odd because it looks like neither an SUV or a coupe. What it looks like, frankly, is the business. This is a very good looking vehicle in that svelte Scandinavian way, with clean lines, premium materials and very thoughtful details. We'll also call the Polestar 4 forward-looking because well, it doesn't have a rear window. That's right folks, rear windows are obsolete. Who need 'em? We have rear-view mirror cameras now. With 544 horsepower, you may not need to look in your mirrors much anyway.

Explore the Polestar 4

8. Honda Prologue

Honda has arrived to the BEV party with a little help from their friends. This Prologue might be Honda's first all-electric offering in North America, but it's technically not a first generation product. Underneath, the Prologue is using GM's Ultium battery platform to deliver a mature and capable EV powertrain. Upstairs, it's all Honda with clean and attractive styling inside and out, and - something the GM vehicles don't currently have - Apple Carplay and Android Auto. We think this Prologue will offer a compelling front door for many buying their first EV.

Explore the Honda Prologue

9. Acura ZDX

The Prologue's fancier cousin, The Acura ZDX revives an angular nameplate and offers a bit more pizzazz beyond the rather understated Honda. This ZDX looks more sporting inside and out, has 52 extra horsepower in base trim and offers 25 more miles of range than the Honda - thanks to a bigger battery. It also uses GM's Ultium architecture, though in a RWD configuration (AWD optional) vs. Honda's FWD configuration. The Type S variant trades 52 miles of range for a big boost to 500 horsepower. So if you like the Honda but are looking for something a little more driver-focused and sporty, Acura has you covered.

Explore the Acura ZDX Type S

10.Chevrolet Equinox EV

Chevy has a new affordable EV option, just in time for the Bolt to take a bow and exit stage left (it's taking at least a year off). The Equinox has a starting price of $34,995 which makes it the new entry-level for GM EVs. To our eye, this Equinox is attractive with clean styling that looks futuristic but not too techy, and a few important enhancements over the outgoing Bolt including a faster charge speed and more utility. This Equinox comes in many flavors, including RWD, FWD and AWD configurations - meaning there is probably a right-fit Equinox for a lot of people.

Explore the Chevrolet Equinox EV 2RS eAWD

Honorable Mentions:

Lucid Gravity

Out of the gate, you can tell Lucid paid extra attention to the things that make an EV easy to live with - like long range, efficiency and charging speed. The Air sedan excels on all fronts, and with Gravity Lucid applies this formula to an 800 hp 7-seater SUV. This Gravity pulls, with a 0-60 time of just 3.5 seconds. It also cuts through the air better than any other vehicle in the category, its low drag coefficient helping achieve 440 miles of range. Using the same 900V architecture of its Air sibling, Gravity too should offer a very usable combination of long range and quick charging stops (about 200 miles of range can be gained back in about 15 minutes). So with so much going for it, why just an honorable mention? Well, it will reach us at the very end of 2024.

Explore the Lucid Gravity

Jeep Recon

Oh Jeep Recon, where art thou? First seen in 2022, Jeep teased the Recon as an all-EV off-roader due in 2024 with removable doors and roof panels. The Recon promises a Wrangler-like open-air experience, with daily usable EV range. So where is the Recon now? Well, as the calendar flips we haven't seen or heard much about it. That has us doubting whether this is a 2024 model, or if we're more likely to see it arrive in 2025. We're intrigued by this unique EV's take on fun, so we'll keep keeping our eyes out and keep keeping you posted.


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