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Nissan To Adopt Tesla's NACS Charging Standard

Nissan vehicles will gain access to over 17,000 Tesla Superchargers in North America beginning next year.

Nissan has announced that it's the latest automaker to adopt Tesla's NACS charging standard, giving access to 17,000 Tesla Superchargers starting next year. Beginning in 2025, Nissan vehicles will come equipped with the NACS port from the factory. Existing Nissan vehicles will be able to use Tesla's network via adapter starting in 2024.

While quite a few automakers have recently announced their adoption of Tesla's NACS standard, Nissan is a big deal for a couple of reasons. First, Nissan represents the first Japanese automaker to adopt the plug in North America. Perhaps more significant, Nissan created one of the other standards currently available in North America, the CHAdeMO plug. It was Nissan who introduced CHAdeMO to the North American market with their original Nissan Leaf, and CHAdeMO made early gains as the plug of choice for other vehicles, mostly from Japan, including Honda and Mitsubishi. In recent years, CHAdeMO has waned in popularity as the SAE CCS standard grew to be the defect Telsa alternative. Lately, however, an avalanche of automakers including Ford, GM, Volvo, Polestar, Rivian and Mercedes Benz have all announced a switch away from CCS to NACS, meaning their cars will come with the Tesla-style plug instead of the CCS plug.

Major charging networks have also announced the adoption of the NACS standard, including Electrify America, Blink, and others.

No word yet on pricing or availability of the NACS adapter needed for existing Nissan vehicles, but we'll keep you posted when this info becomes available.


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