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Lucid Gives Us Gravity: A Lux SUV With 440 Miles Of Range

SUV will be available in late 2024 starting under $80,000

California-based automaker Lucid unveiled their second model, a fully-electric 7-seater SUV with an estimated 440 miles of range and up to 800 horsepower.

The Gravity will be the second model in the Lucid lineup, following their well-regarded Air range of luxury sedans, notable for their long range, strong efficiency, fast-charging 900V architecture and sophisticated styling.

With a drag coefficient of just 0.24, Lucid claims this Gravity is more slippery through the air than any other 7-seater SUV, that efficiency helps it achieve impressive range with a smaller battery size than its rivals. With the same 900V architecture of its Air sibling, this SUV offers a great recipe of long range and fast charging stops (about 200 miles of range can be gained back in about 15 minutes). Less battery means less weight, better driving dynamics, and fewer rare materials used.

It's not all about efficiency though. This Gravity pulls. It'll do 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and has a towing capacity of 6,000 lbs. That towing capacity is in addition to 1,500 lbs of payload. That's good news, because this Gravity fits a lot of stuff. If you're not hauling 7 people, the third row seats hide-away in the rear floor, offering an un-restricted cargo area. The 2nd row also folds flat into the floor, meaning the cargo area offers 112 cubic feet of cavernous flexibility. The rear seats also offer folding tables

Up front, 34" wrap-around screen that Lucid calls the Clearview Cockpit puts technology near your line of sight. An expansive panoramic windshield offers a spacious, serene experience.

An optional air suspension package raises ride height for varied terrain.

Production is expected to begin in late 2024, with a starting price less than $80,000.


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