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Ford Reduces Price of Mach-E Models

Order books for the Mach-E have reopened, with lower prices and more range in the standard battery.

Ford has re-opened the order books on their Mustang Mach-E, having completed upgrades to the factory that had previously paused new orders.

New orders will find their vehicles less expensive, the cheapest of which is the "Select" model, now starting at $42,995 in rear-wheel-drive trim. The news gets better, as the EPA-estimated range has been raised on models with the standard battery, up to 250 miles now (previously 224). Full model pricing looks like this:

Mach-E Select RWD Standard Range - $42,995 (Previously $45,995)

Mach-E Select AWD Standard Range - $45,995 (Previously $48,995)

Mach E California Route 1 AWD Extended Range - $56,995 (Previously $57,995)

Mach-E Premium RWD - $46,995 (Previously $50,995)

Mach-E Premium AWD Standard Range - $49,995 (Previously $53,995)

Mach-E GT AWD Extended Range - $59,995 (Previously $63,995)

With these changes, the California Route 1 AWD model with Standard Range battery should now qualify for $3,750 Clean Vehicle Tax Credit, as the price has been lowered below the $55,000 cut-off.

Those who take advantage will also find their cars delivered with a 90-day free trial of Ford's BlueCruise hands-free highway driving tech.

This news follows Tesla's recent price drops on Model 3 and Model Y, with some models slashed by as much as $3,000 back in April. This week, Tesla adjusted those prices again by raising them slightly (by $240 on each trim level of 3 and Y).

Our take:

We were sad to hear that GM would stop producing the Chevy Bolt after 2023, since that means the price of getting a new EV will go up in 2024. The Bolt is currently the cheapest plug-in you can buy new, and our hope is that EVs get MORE affordable, not less. The Teslas and the Mach E won't be as inexpensive as the Bolt is today, but these are compelling cars and if it's easier to afford one, that's great news.


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