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Ford Cuts Price Of F-150 Lightning By Nearly $10,000

The "Pro" model now starts at just $49,995

Ford has announced that they're dropping the prices of their fully electric F-150 Lightning, with the lowest priced model now starting at $49,999.

Ford says the news is due to increased plant capacity, continued work on scaling production and cost, and improving battery raw material costs.Whatever the reason, their timing is quite good. These lower prices come at a time when the automotive market appears to be cooling, while competition amongst EV trucks appears to be heating up. Just this week, the first Tesla Cybertruck rolled off its brand new assembly line in Texas, and the Chevy Silverado EV is announcing higher-than-expected EV range ahead of its imminent launch.

A full list of the F-150 Lightning's new prices are below.

  • Pro: $49,995 (decrease of $9,979)
  • XLT 311A: $54,995 (decrease of $9,479)
  • XLT 312A: $59,995 (decrease of $8479)
  • XLT 312A Extended Range: $69,995 (decrease of $8,879)
  • Lariat 510A: $69,995 (decrease of $69,79)
  • Lariat Extended Range: $77,495 (decrease of $8,479)
  • Platinum Extended Range: $91,995 (decrease of $6,079)


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