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Chevy Announces Pricing For First Equinox EV Models

Chevy's new electric crossover will launch at $48,995, with a less expensive $34,995 model coming later.

Chevy has given us some additional clarity on their upcoming Equinox EV - and there's good and bad news (but mostly good!).

The Equinox EV has been a hotly anticipated model since GM initially announced its starting price "around $30,000". That price would make the Equinox EV one of the most affordable fully electric vehicles on the market, and offer a tier up from the popular Chevy Bolt and Bolt EUV in size and capability.

Today, GM has announced the actual starting price, and here's the bit of bad news: it's a little more. The entry-level 1LT model will start at $34,995. Here's the other bit of bad news: if you've been waiting for this car because of its attractive entry price tag, you'll have to wait a little longer. 

But here's the good news: The Equinox EV order books are about to open for a more-premium 2RS model that has more range than GM originally estimated. The 2RS model will start at $48,995 for the 210-hp front-wheel drive model and $52,395 for 80 extra horses and eAWD. The front-wheel drive version will offer 319 miles of range, which is 19 more than GM originally estimated when the Equinox EV was announced.

The more-premium 2RS model will come with some attractive features standard, including a power tailgate, 17.7" touchscreen, heated seats and 21" wheels.

With a very practical form factor that fits a lot of families, we think this Equinox EV will be popular at both price points.

Order books for the first 2RS model will open in November, but we don't know exactly when. If you're interested in one of these, it's worth reaching out to your Chevy dealer ASAP.

Additional models and configurations, including an even-more-premium 3RS model, are coming soon with pricing details still to-be-announced. Stay tuned...


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