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Cadillac Escalade To Get All-Electric Variant called "Escalade IQ"

Cadillac electrifies a modern icon, will debut in late 2023

Welcome to an announcement of an announcement. Cadillac today said that they'll introduce ESCALADE IQ, a fully electric version of their most iconic modern model, in late 2023 - and that's about all we got. Those hoping for a price, range, charge speed or any other spec will have to wait until GM lifts the very large curtain on this model.

Our Take

With very little info, there's not much to say here that isn't speculation. We're glad to see one of Cadillac's most important vehicles get an all-electric variant. We can reasonably assume the Escalade IQ will use GM's new Ultium battery technology, and we suspect this big-body SUV will have a similar spec sheet to GM's other large offerings like the Hummer EV and Silverado EV, though we won't venture any guesses on specifics. For now, we'll just have to wait for Cadillac's uber-ride to arrive. See what we did there?


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