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BMW Announces Hotter Version Of Their i7 Sedan: The M70 xDrive

The large executive sedan is now the most powerful EV BMW has ever made

BMW today announced a new version of their flagship executive sedan, a full EV hot rod wearing an "M" badge hiding 660hp under its well-tailored suit. It's the quickest and most powerful model BMW offers in all-electric guise, reaching 0-60 in a champagne-soaked 3.5 seconds. While the EPA hasn't rated the range on this one, BMW estimates 295 miles.

What's the price? Well we don't know yet but in this tier, if you have to ask maybe this model isn't for you. The "entry" model i7 xDrive60 starts at $119,300, so expect this one to be well north of that figure.

Our take:

We've all seen those international spy movies with epic car chases between steely-eyed, gloved wheelmen (wheel people?). With the i7 M70, BMW is cementing their place in future cinematic thrillers, and ensuring our hero gets away, and saves the day. Who says you can't be eco-conscious while blasting through fruit carts on tight cobblestoned streets?


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