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Audi Teases All-New Q6 eTron

Q6 is the first model to use Audi's all-new electric platform

Audi has been busy. This week they've shown us our first look at the Q6 eTron, which joins the Q4 eTron and Q8 eTron in their electric SUV lineup. That's only the first bit of news, however, because this new Q6 brings an all-new 800-volt battery architecture that should mean impressively fast charge times. It's the first to use this next-gen platform, which Audi calls "Premium Platform Electric" (PPE). It represents a new era for Audi, and the first of 20 new models to debut between now and 2025. We're gonna need a bigger showroom.

Audi isn't ready to let the Q6 have its full moment in the sun, so for now we'll have to make do with a few camouflaged silhouettes in the snow.


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