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Audi Announces Pricing Of New Q8 e-tron Models

The Q8 e-tron will be Audi's flagship electric SUV

Today Audi has announced pricing for its new Q8 e-tron models, their top-of-the-range electric SUV. The Q8 e-tron will replace what was previously known as simply the "e-tron" in Audi's lineup.

Like the e-tron it replaces, the Q8 comes in both SUV and Sportback variants, with the slightly-more slippery Sportback offering some additional range for the same size battery.

That battery by the way, it's a big one - 114 kWh - providing up to 285 or 300 miles of EV range in the SUV and Sportback models, respectively. It still keeps an estimated charge time of about 31 minutes on DC Fast chargers thanks to an increased 170kW max charging rate.

Audi is also offering 2 years of DC Fast Charging on Electrify America's network at no additional cost.

Audi also claims that revisions to the steering and suspension will improve the driving dynamics of these Q8 e-tron models over the previous generation e-tron.

Our take:

Audi knows how to make a car that feels premium, and while we haven't yet driven this Q8 e-tron we suspect it will be a wonderful daily driver if it fits your life. We'd still love to see Audi catch up to some of its competitors around charge rate and efficiency. 170 kW max charge rate is about average in 2023, and a battery size over 100 kWh for just 285-300 miles of range means these Q8 are not as efficient as some of their rivals. Audi is planning to unveil new electric architecture in their upcoming Q6 model, that might be the one to go for.

With that said, none of this may matter depending on how you drive it, and how you charge it. Does the Audi Q8 e-tron fit your life? We can help you find out.


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