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All New Polestar 4 Debuts As A Forward-Looking SUV Coupé

It's so forward-looking, they decided they didn't need the rear window...

Polestar has debuted the Polestar 4, a bold SUV with a coupe roofline and get this... no rear window. If you want to look back in anger, you'll need to use the HD rear-view mirror camera instead - a feature that Polestar says allows a wider field of view. That's not to say this range-topping SUV is lacking glass, it has a full-length panoramic roof with optional electromagnetic opacity.

The second SUV in Polestar's lineup, the 4 is designed from the ground up to be a different, sleeker thing. With its svelte coupe shape, the 4 is targeting 347 miles of range for the AWD version and up to 372 miles for the single-motor RWD variant. Final range will depend on EPA rating. Not bad, considering this reasonably large SUV also boasts 544 hp.

Pricing will be announced closer to launch, which is expected in early 2024 for North America. Polestar estimates the starting price to be around $60,000.


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