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Acura Unveils Their First EV: The ZDX

With an estimated 325-mile range and $60,000 starting price, Acura comes out of the gate swinging.

It's Car Week in Monterey California, a series of prestigious events where automakers pull the wraps off all kinds of fun things.

Acura is the first to make waves by officially unveiling the ZDX, their first electric vehicle. In fact, this is Acura's first vehicle of any kind with a plug.

Typically an automaker's first attempt at an EV is a lackluster affair, but not here. Acura has given us quite a few early details, and it's a lot of good news. That's thanks in part to the fact that this Acura shares some of its EV architecture with GM's Ultium platform. More on this in a minute.

The ZDX will come in two trims; an "A-Spec" rear-wheel drive single-motor base version, starting around $60,000 and offering an estimated 325 miles of range, as well as a "Type S" performance version with 500 horsepower and an estimated 288 miles of range starting around $70,000.

As expected, this Acura will come packed with tech including Google integrations, an 18-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system, and a suite of safety and assist features that Acura calls AcuraWatch. AcuraWatch is said to include the brand's first application of Rear Cross Traffic Braking and Blind Zone Steering Assist, plus Hands Free Cruise driver assistance technology that enables hands-free driving on up to 400,000 miles of compatible roads (on the Type S model only).

The Type S model will also feature a height adjustable air suspension, performance-tuned adaptive dampers and 15.6-inch Brembo™ front brakes with 6-piston yellow calipers.

With a peak charge rate of 190kW, the ZDX will not be the fastest at the plug but it does hold its own well. Acura estimates 81 miles of range in about 10 minutes. Those cross-shopping these numbers with the Cadillac Lyriq might find them familiar, and that's no coincidence. This Acura is like a step-sibling to the Cadillac, utilizing some of GMs tech and battery architecture. That American-sourced material means this Acura may even qualify for the federal EV tax credit - we're still waiting on official confirmation. Here's another strange aspect of the GM/Acura pairing: If you were interested in the Cadillac but put-off by the fact that GM announced they will no longer support Apple CarPlay, this Acura might be the best of both worlds.

One interested detail left unanswered was which charge plug the ZDX will utilize. Acura (or its parent company Honda) have not yet announced a deal to adopt Tesla's NACS plugs. GM has announced the adoption of NACS, and since we know this Acura will utilize GM's tech we suspect that NACS may be supported. We'll have to wait for official confirmation.

Oh any maybe the best news of all, Acura is releasing that beautiful blue color shown on the concept, called Double Apex Blue Pearl.

Presales for the ZDX will start later this year, with first deliveries expected in early 2024.


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