Electric Vehicles, Explained

Two electric cars charging at charging stations
If terms like kilowatt hours, CHAdeMO chargers and vampire drain are new to you, allow us to explain. We’ll catch you up on everything you need to know to make the right EV choice for your life.

EVs as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Number 3
An electric car surrounded by icons that explain features

Learn about EVs

We’ve carefully compiled the most important things to know before stepping into a showroom.
Learn about EVs
Number 2
An electric car on a puzzle piece

Identify your needs

Not all EVs will fit your life. Make sure you choose one that does by first identifying your unique EV needs.
Identify My Needs
Number 3
An electric car for sale at a dealership

Find your EV!

With your EV needs identified, find a vehicle that fits your life using our advanced search and filter tools.
Browse EVs
3 different electric cars grouped together

Find Your Perfect EV

Tell us what you want out of a vehicle, and we’ll help you find an EV that best fits your life.
Explore EVs
The different types of charging plugs
Did you know?

Different EVs use different plugs for charging.

Just like smartphones use different types of charging connectors, so do EVs. Before you choose your EV, make sure it's compatible with plugs in the places that you'll need them. We'll tell you how.

Did you know?

Some EVs charge faster than others.

Even amongst EVs that offer "DC Fast" charging, speeds may vary. Look for your car's Peak Charge Rate. The fastest EVs charge at 250kW and above.

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